The 332 islands of Fiji host many endemic species, including over a thousand plant species and 12 types of reptiles. Human impacts are limited on many islands, as over 200 are uninhabited and 87% of the human population resides on the 2 main islands. Around 50% of the land territory is covered in forests. Land and marine natural resources are at the heart of the Fijian Economy, with tourism revenues exceeding 165% Million US$ per year. Conservation measures include the establishment of over 100 Locally Managed Marine Protected Areas (LMMAs).

Progress Reports

Policy and Institutional Review (PIR)

Through this process, the national BIOFIN Team maps the impact of economic sectors on biodiversity, identifies the main financing mechanisms being used and reviews which subsidies have an impact on biodiversity. The PIR also reviews the overall financing architecture for biodiversity in the country and generates specific recommendations for an improved institutional framework.

Expenditure Review (BER)

Through the Biodiversity Expenditure Review, the national BIOFIN team assesses which expenditures national stakeholders incur towards biodiversity, from both national and international resources, including the public and private sector. This helps the country generate national level expenditure data on biodiversity.

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