BIOFIN Webinars

BIOFIN Webinars

Since January 2017, BIOFIN developed two series of public webinars. One series is dedicated to finance solutions and the second series focus on the BIOFIN methodology described in the 2016 BIOFIN Workbook. The previous webinars are available on the BIOFIN Youtube Channel or can be accessed individually in the list below.

The private sector has an important contribution to make in conserving biological diversity and promoting sustainable development. Sectors like financial, innovation & fintech, agriculture, forestry, fishery and subsidies have great potential to fund biodiversity conservation and these opportunities can be used to enhance the work and effectiveness of BIOFIN.

BIOFIN 2020 Webinar Series have officially kicked off in mid-2020 and made publicly available aiming at creating a learning platform for partners, experts, learners to join and to share their experiences and provide a clear understanding of the linkages between business and biodiversity which is an essential criterion for catalysing and sustaining private sector investments towards biodiversity conservation. 2020 Webinar series will allow demonstration the business case of private sector investments in biodiversity linked to 6 sub-themes:

  • Webinar 1: Finance Sector
  • Webinar 2: FinTech
  • Webinar 3: Agriculture
  • Webinar 4: Fisheries
  • Webinar 5: Forestry
  • Webinar 6: Subsidies

Some statistics on the BIOFIN webinars: the last webinar on Financial Needs Assessment gathered approximately 70 participants (135 registrants) from 50 countries and included members from the BIOFIN country teams, Governments and national institutions, NGOs, academics as well as the private sector. 

Since the BIOFIN 2020 Webinar Series made publicly available, the first session on Finance Sector welcomed over 240 participats at one session. As COVID-19 is rapidly accelerated digital transformation, virtual events are inevitably attractive more than ever, accordingly the interest in our BIOFIN Webinar Series are continue growing.


BIOFIN launched its first ever Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) together with with UNDP's Learning for Nature platform and other partners on biodiversity finance designed to attract global audience policy makers, practitioners, experts, academics and government officials. The seven-week interactive MOOC took place between April 15th to May 31st simultaneously in English, French, Spanish and Russian, across the globe.

More than 3100 participants registered in the course with experts and speakers from across the world. Each week webinars were held in four languages – English, Russian, French and Spanish. To watch the webinars see the playlist on the Learning for Nature YouTube.

Since the finalization of interactive MOOCs on May 2019, the self-paced module attracted over 500 learners and the total enrollment marks 3945 participants. As a result of successful completion of the courses, 755 certificates issued up to date.