The BIOFIN Approach

BIOFIN’s team of experts are working in more than 40 countries to develop Biodiversity Finance Plans - roadmaps towards a more sustainable future. The experts draw on qualitative and quantitative data, innovative methodologies, and input from a variety of sectors to create an agenda for action.


Step 1: Finance Policy and Institutional Review: Assess the policy, institutional, and economic context for biodiversity finance and map existing finance solutions.

Step 2: Biodiversity Expenditure Review: Measure and analyze current biodiversity expenditures from the public and private sectors, donors, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Step 3: Biodiversity Financial Needs Assessment: Make a reliable estimate of the finances needed to achieve a country’s biodiversity goals, and compare this to current biodiversity expenditures and other resources available.

Step 4: Biodiversity Finance Plans: Develop a Biodiversity finance plan that identifies and mobilizes the resources and policies required to implement the most suitable finance solutions.

Biodiversity finance solutions are extremely varied – BIOFIN has compiled a list of over 150 available online.

Solutions can rely on many factors, which can be:

  • Public or private revenues or contributions.
  • Built around voluntary or compulsory schemes.
  • Guided by markets or regulations.
  • Available on a short- or longer-term basis.
  • Associated with particular conditions set by the finance providers.
  • Available in different currencies.

With BIOFIN's knowledge and unique approach, we are working to expand our work across the world to ensure a greener, safer future for nature and for society.

Learn more about BIOFIN's Methodology here