Belize is built on natural assets which plays an important role in meeting our socio-economic needs such as food security, energy, medicines, clean air and water, which promote good health as well as foster economic growth and stability through opportunities such as tourism and recreational activities which contribute to more than 40% of GDP in 2017.

Today, Belize's biodiversity is preserved through the establishment and management of the National Protected Areas System (NPAS), which presently encompasses 35.8% of the nation's landmass and 19.8% marine environment. The NPAS is a systemic method for increasing the effectiveness of biodiversity management. The primary purpose of the NPAS is to ensure that biodiversity conservation becomes an essential and integral aspect of national growth.

Currently, Belize retains 60% of its natural forest cover, with 35.8% found within NPAS. Belize is also home to approximately 118 internationally threatened species (32 endangered, 9 critically endangered, and 77 vulnerable), as well as 62 near threatened species. Experiencing Belize's wide range of biodiversity is unlike anything else on the planet.

Protected areas is the most important conservation tool utilized in Belize in its efforts to achieve national targets outlined in the National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan, as well as those outlined in the Convention on Biological Diversity. Belize is assisting in achieving the world's desired future of living in harmony with nature while securing the well-being of future generations.

Key Results

The Global Biodiversity Finance Initiative (BIOFIN) seeks to steer financing from all available sources toward global and national biodiversity objectives in mostly all developing countries, such as Belize. So far BIOFIN Belize has made great strides in assisting the country in all biodiversity investment and strategic planning and conservation. For instance, key results of BIOFIN Belize include:

  • The establishment of the National Biodiversity Office within the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management.
  • The development of a Business Planning and Investment Framework for Protected Areas in Belize.
  • The design of a Biodiversity Investment and Impact Tracking Tool
  • Essential personnel have been hired, and now influence transformation within the government and private sector.
Finance Solutions
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