2.4.4 Staging the first national consultation on biodiversity finance

Before starting the production of the BIOFIN assessments, a national consultation should be organized to:

  • Create awareness of the BIOFIN approach and related concepts;
  • Engage a wide variety of stakeholders in the process;
  • Gauge the perspectives of key actors on the challenges and potential of biodiversity finance.

The following guiding questions can help to frame the consultation agenda:

  • What are the main entry points for biodiversity finance in the country?
  • What challenges are foreseen to implement BIOFIN?
  • What critical policies are planned for the coming years and how should we align with these?
  • What are the most strategic organizations and initiatives to engage?
  • Which data sources for biodiversity finance are accessible and under what conditions?
  • What is the broad scope and profile of existing finance instruments?