3.2 PIR Steps

The Policy and Institutional Review has six steps:


Review national biodiversity strategies, sustainable development strategies, and economic linkages between them
  • 3.2A: National Biodiversity Plans and other biodiversity policy documents

  • 3.2B: Review the role of biodiversity within sustainable development planning

  • 3.2C: Collect existing evidence of the economic value of nature and its contribution to sustainable development.

Identify important trends and drivers for biodiversity change
  • 3.3A: Identify the main positive and negative trends in biodiversity

  • 3.3B: Underlying drivers and levers of change

Review the current state of biodiversity finance
  • 3.4A: Map existing finance instruments and related legislation

  • 3.4B: Review the national budgeting process

  • 3.4C: Analyse biodiversity-related revenues

  • 3.4D: Supportive and harmful subsidies

Analyse main institutions
  • 3.5A: Identify the main institutions and organizations

  • 3.5B: Analyse each main institution to produce a score on interest and influence scale

  • 3.5C: Review priority institutions and develop the stakeholder engagement plan

Summary and recommendations