Step 3.5C: Review priority institutions and develop the stakeholder engagement plan.

A few of the selected (“close engagement”) institutions can be evaluated in greater detail in terms of:

  • Effectiveness

    Reviews and audits of public institutions may be available. If not, the team could conduct a capacity assessment. Where capacity is being assessed, this should focus on the ability of the organization and its staff to design, initiate, and scale biodiversity finance solutions. Detailed capacity assessments are beyond the scope of the BIOFIN Process, but it may be considered if essential to the process.

  • Institutional arrangements

    Describe these in terms of how existing governance arrangements function in relation to existing finance instruments or transfer mechanisms.

  • Associated finance mechanisms

    For each priority institution, describe associated finance instruments.

  • Importance for the BER, FNA, BFP and implementation

    Indicate how the organization can be involved in the consecutive steps of the BIOFIN Process, either as a source of data, expertise, subject of analysis or potential co-creator of finance solution.