Annex I: Further Guidance on Finance Solutions

The BIOFIN Catalogue of Finance Solutions

Guidance material on designing and implementing finance solutions already exists. The BIOFIN Catalogue of Finance Solutions lists over 150 different finance solutions grouped in over 65 categories (see The searchable catalogue provides an alphabetical listing of all solutions profiled, but they can also be searched by the financial result they produce, the financial instrument they rely upon, whether they are public or private finance, and the economic sector in which their use is most prevalent.

The catalogue should also be used in conjunction with the following companion products:

  • The Biodiversity Finance Initiative Workbook , which guides the identification, development and implementation of finance plans and solutions for nature, and describes how to use the catalogue in the context of BIOFIN implementation.
  • The Financing Solutions for Sustainable Development online platform, which provides a technical review of finance solutions’ potential, advantages, disadvantages, risks and characteristics.
  • BES-Net maintains an online database of publications related to biodiversity finance, hosting over 325 documents.
  • The Conservation Finance Alliance (CFA) online guide [upcoming], developed with BIOFIN support, will provide detailed and step-by-step guidance on a subset of finance solutions. The CFA has previously published a manual on several finance solutions, which is currently updated. It will include detailed guidance on over 20 individual finance solutions. The publications are available on

Other partners and institutions:

The OECD has researched several finance solutions such as biodiversity offsets, payments for ecosystem services and others, and hosts numerous publications on their website. See

The CBD has built up an extensive repository of resources over the years on biodiversity, including finance: