Step 3.5B: Analyse each main institution to produce a score on interest and influence scale

The list of potential and existing biodiversity finance institutions and organizations can be unmanageably large. The objective is to focus on the most important sectors that drive biodiversity change and, within those, the most important institutions. Each organization’s description should include at least its mandate and association with biodiversity. The widely published power/ interest matrix is one way to evaluate a range of stakeholders (see Figure 3.3).

Institutions can be assessed on two variables – how much power they hold (scale of 1-4) and how much interest they have in biodiversity (1-4). Each organization can then be placed in a matrix. For those organizations that fall into the top right – close engagement – engagement plans might be established. For the most important institutions, the key reasons for their prioritization can also be added.

Figure 3.3: Power/Interest Matrix for Determining Methods of Stakeholder Engagement