2.4.6 Capture initial baseline findings in an inception report.

All findings, decisions and recommendations from the inception stage should be documented in an inception report. The report should formalize all major decisions, including the scope of work, Steering Committee and team composition.

The report should be validated and guarantee that stakeholders will comfortably share a common understanding over BIOFIN objectives and planned activities.

The outline of the inception report is suggested below:

Executive summary
1. Introduction to BIOFIN

Global and national context

2. Biodiversity in the national policy context

Describes the scope of the national biodiversity plan, and how other major policies relate to biodiversity. Suggests entry points for debating further investments in biodiversity.

3. The existing biodiversity finance context

Describes known and planned biodiversity finance solutions

4. Scope of the BIOFIN Process

Clarifies what sectors need to be included in the analysis, what are the most optimal years to use for the BER/FNA, what is an agreeable definition for biodiversity expenditures. Where are opportunities to have positive gender impacts?

5. Partnerships

Highlights the primary governmental, private sector and civil society stakeholders to involve, and suggests the most strategic initiatives to partner with.

6. BIOFIN Workplan

Outlines suggested membership for the National Steering Committee and technical working group, ideas for the composition of the national BIOFIN team and the main results expected from the process, including targets, indicators, timelines and resources.