‘Biodiversity Finance Solutions Exhibition - 5th BIOFIN Global Conference’ This poster is part of an series of all BIOFIN countries and showcases the innovative (existing or potential) finance solutions and work of the countries and partners. As part of the 5th Global Conference on Biodiversity Fina...Read more
By Midori Paxton, Head, Ecosystems and Biodiversity, UNDP Let us step back in time to more than 2000 years ago, when Chinese philosophical and historical texts contained sophisticated conceptions of nature and our place within it. Daoism, a school of philosophical thought popular to this day, focuse...Read more
An interview with V.B. Mathur, India’s official delegate to the fourth Nairobi negotiating session of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity By Flavia Lopes, IndiaSpend Why is financing biodiversity conservation important for developing countries? What can you do without finance in your personal...Read more
(C) Daniel Grandfield
(C) Daniel Grandfield
Can the insurance sector help safeguard our natural capital? By Onno van den Heuvel and Jan Kellett Estimates show that nature and ecosystems provide over US$125 trillion per year in goods and services to the global economy. However, nature and ecosystems are in grave danger of collapsing and despit...Read more