Biological diversity is a world heritage, a most valuable gift, a vital necessity for the economic and social development of humanity. The conservation, replenishment and sustainable use of natural resources makes it possible to address a whole spectrum of challenges such as climate change, reductio...Read more
From the past to present, in many cultures women were perceived closer to nature, even considered sacred given their inherent connection to the continuity of the life cycle as a deliverer of life. Yet, the voices of women in biodiversity conservation can often be left unheard. That is why BIOFIN is...Read more
Kazakhstan’s new EcoCode endorsed to protect & restore nature
Kazakhstan’s new EcoCode endorsed to protect & restore nature
BIOFIN Kazakhstan’s work on the creation of legislative frameworks for the implementation of six new innovative finance solutions, with the aim of protecting and restoring the country’s nature, is already gaining support at the highest levels in the country. These recommendations have been folded in...Read more
Representatives from across Europe, Asia and Pacific are encouraging increased investment in nature from both the public and private sectors, with emerging data revealing that significant finance gaps remain for countries to achieve their biodiversity targets. As the host country for the 5 th Biodiv...Read more