Financing Needs Assessment for Biodiversity (FNA) report Mongolia

Financing Needs Assessment for Biodiversity (FNA) report Mongolia
Needs Assessment (FNA)


This report aims at identifying the required financing needs for the implementation of the Medium-term Action Plan /hereafter referred to as medium-term plan/ of the National Biodiversity Program (NBP) Mongolia. The financing needs have been defined by the identified activities, yearly needs and by NBP strategic areas. The financing gap for the implementation of the medium-term plan is estimated at 136.6 million MNT or 51.8 million USD.

It was estimated that 74.7-84.3% of the total required funding of the strategic areas #1 and #2 are deficient, which amounts to 95.7% of the total NBP financing gap. In contrast, the financing gap for strategic areas #3 and #4 is relatively small. Nevertheless, funding the financing gaps of the strategic areas 3 and 4 should be prioritized by establishing the legal frameworks for economic incentives and ecosystem payments. It would further rationalize the use and conservation by increasing private sector participation and find solutions for future financing needs and/or reducing the future costs from environmental damages and degradation. The relevant data from six ministries and one government agency, which was used for this report, were collected through the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET), whereas the data from international organizations were collected through the respective project coordinators. An official letter, signed by the State Secretary of MET, requesting the implementation status of the medium-term plan during 2016-2018, and the planned activities for 2019-2021 was sent to the six ministries, GASI, NSO, and MOF on 9 March 2019.

As of 1 May 2019, a response was received from the MCUD, MOE, and MMHI, however, these ministries notified that they did not receive any official information regarding measures/activities of the medium-term plan that they should be in charge of. Therefore, no expenditures occurred, or no funding was budgeted for the NBP activities. A response from the ministries other than MET was not received, and the 2020 Fiscal Framework has not been formally approved; thus, related information was not included in this report. The assessment of data and information on 9 donor projects and 36 projects funded by international organizations was carried out. The report included information on 25 projects that are relevant to the respective goals of the program.