Informe de Determinación del Financiamiento Presupuestado en los Planes Financieros de los Planes Maestros del -SIGAP

fna guatemala PA
Needs Assessment (FNA)

In Guatemala, The National Council of Protected Areas (CONAP) is responsible for directing SIGAP (Guatemalan Protected Areas System).  By 2015, it was formed by 328 protected areas. Its management approach is grounded by the design and implementation of a Master (including a financial plan) and Operative Plans that must be developed by the co-management partners or direct management partners.  A shortage of financial and human resources has been a barrier to ensure the existence of the Financial and Masters Plans.  For this reason, only 50 Master Plans and 44 Financial Plans were used. This data was standardized in order to implement the BIOFIN methodology and adapt budgets and programs. According to the BIOFIN Strategy, the Total Amount Needed for funding 50 Protected Areas, during 2006-2010 is $313.509,531.10