Thailand Biodiversity Expenditure Review

BER Thailand
Expenditure Review (BER)

This report summarizes current findings from the budget expenditure review that

was conducted as part of BIOFIN’s overall assessment of Thailand’s current

biodiversity policy environment and investment status. BIOFIN’s conceptual

model views the integration of biodiversity investment and resource mobilization

into public and private decision making and financing, as being based on a

three-part process: 1) A review of current policy practice, biodiversity and

ecosystem trends, relevant actors and current expenditures (Policy and Institutional

Review in Workbook 1A, 1B and Expenditure Review in Workbook 1C);

2) Costing for the implementation of national biodiversity strategies and actions

(Workbook 2); and 3) Identification of potential finance actors, mechanisms,

revenue and feasibility (Workbook 3). The process evolves around national

biodiversity strategies and action plans that aim to synthesize the root causes

of biodiversity and ecosystem pressures, generate public awareness, and

identify potential drivers of changes and financing solutions. The resource

mobilization plans aim to achieve a better investment state by generating

sufficient public and private responses in order to close the biodiversity financing