Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)

The UK government has pledged £3.5m ($4.8m) to the United Nations Development Programme's Biodiversity Finance Initiative (BIOFIN) to support the implementation of biodiversity finance plans working with the finance sector and on repurposing subsidies. The funds will be used to develop and expand th...Read more
By Midori Paxton, Head, Ecosystems and Biodiversity, UNDP Let us step back in time to more than 2000 years ago, when Chinese philosophical and historical texts contained sophisticated conceptions of nature and our place within it. Daoism, a school of philosophical thought popular to this day, focuse...Read more
By Desy Satya Chandradewi, Policy Analyst at Directorate Biodiversity Conservation, Species and Genetic, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Republic of Indonesia The illegal trade of wildlife – both plants and animals – is estimated to globally generate US$ 7 billion to US$ 23 billion per year fo...Read more