Eco-Damu. Microcredit scheme - a financial solution to save biological diversity

A financial solution to save biological diverisity in Kazakhstan
Finance Solutions

This methodological guide has been developed as part of the Outcome 3 “Community involvement in conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in and around PAs is enhanced”, UNDP-supported GEF-financed project “Improving sustainability of the PA system in desert ecosystems through promotion of biodiversity-compatible livelihoods in and around PAs”, implemented jointly with Government of Kazakhstan (hereinafter referred to as project).

The guide gives basic concepts and modalities to facilitate provision of local people with microcredits in 3 project areas, which are adjacent to protected areas of Almaty, Mangystau and Kyzylorda regions by offering replacement of unsustainable practices with alternative ones. This will allow reducing high pressure on the biodiversity of desert and semi-desert ecosystems, wetlands in three project areas. In the second phase (2020-2024), local communities will have access to microcredits in the periphery of all 27 protected areas of Kazakhstan located not more than 50 km from their boundaries, including emerging protected areas. The publication is designed for the staff and directors of protected areas, experts in the field of agriculture, fisheries, hunting management, tourism, rural people to involve them in protection and better management of biodiversity by using sustainable and environment-friendly natural resources management practices.