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BIOFIN Mexico participates in the study: "National readiness for nature-related disclosures in emerging markets"

From late 2021 to early 2022, the Biodiversity Finance Initiative (BIOFIN) Mexico team participated, along with four other country teams (Costa Rica, India, Indonesia, and Zambia), in a study with...Read more

From bees to banks, from women to nature: LAC Region leading the way in biodiversity finance

Thirteen countries from across the Latin American and Caribbean region came together in Costa Rica earlier this month to focus on how they can further boost excellent progress in unlocking...Read more

More Women More Nature: Supporting clean cosmetics in Costa Rica

At the height of COVID-19-related lockdowns in Costa Rica, Elizabeth Ramirez Gonzalez and Andrea Rojas Cruz, both out of work, decided to do an online course on organic cosmetics. They...Read more

How can businesses support global efforts for a nature-positive future?

By working differently, businesses can shift from nature-negative business models to nature-positive ones.Read more

Forestry enterprises of Kyrgyzstan learned to develop a budget in a program format

The UNDP project “Biodiversity Finance Initiative” provides support for the development of a program result oriented budgeting basis in forestry enterprises (FEs) to the Forest Service of the Ministry of...Read more