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Indonesia identifies and tracks biodiversity spending of US$600 million a year through improved tracking system

Prepared by Bayuni Shantiko, Programme Manager, BIOFIN Indonesia and Sopian Hidayat, Analyst/Economist, BIOFIN Indonesia Since biodiversity - unlike agriculture or fisheries - is not an economic sector, the only way...Read more

Kazakhstan Triples Protected Area Budget, Advancing Biodiversity Goals

When the BIOFIN process began in Kazakhstan about ten years ago, it was realized that funding for protected areas was limited. The government wanted to change this with the support...Read more

The improved implementation of the Mongolian law on natural resources use payment has tripled the country's environmental expenditure

The UNDP Biodiversity Finance Initiative (BIOFIN) has supported Mongolia in improving the effectiveness of a law on natural resource user fees. This led to an increase in the budget for...Read more

From the nature crisis to nature recovery: insights from the Global Biodiversity Expenditure Taxonomy Workshop in Thailand

Niran Nirannoot, BIOFIN Manager, Thailand, and Annabelle Trinidad, Senior Technical Advisor of Global BIOFIN BIOFIN Thailand organized the Global Biodiversity Expenditure Taxonomy workshop on 14 May 2024 in Bangkok, Thailand....Read more

Repurposing agricultural subsidies for the benefit of farmers and nature

Excerpts from the presentation by Dr. Ashok Gulati at the 10 th BIOFIN East Asia Pacific Regional Dialogue Transcribed and prepared by Abbie Trinidad, Senior Technical Advisor, UNDP BIOFIN Global...Read more