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Building Back Better, Together: Corporate Conclave on Biodiversity Conservation in India

Creating a platform for developing detailed understanding about the scope of contribution of the private sector to conservation and sustainable use of biological resources in India.Read more

Biodiversity finance integrated into university curriculum in Nepal

By Sneha Verma, BIOFIN intern University students in Nepal are now being equipped with a deeper knowledge of how conservation finance can help protect and restore nature thanks to a...Read more

Biodiversity Finance moving up the agenda in Uzbekistan

The Government of Uzbekistan and UNDP-BIOFIN held a high-level inception workshop on 1 December to kick start the country’s work around biodiversity finance, formerly launching as a BIOFIN methodology country....Read more

Niger becomes the 41st country to join BIOFIN

Niger is the latest nation to join UNDP’s Biodiversity Finance Initiative (BIOFIN), becoming the 41 st country to do so, thanks to support from the government of Belgium. In the...Read more

Day 2 of pan-regional dialogues: working with finance sector no longer an option – it’s a must

The second day of BIOFIN's online pan-regional dialogue, joined by experts from Asia, Pacific, Eurasia, Europe, the Arab States, Africa Latin America and the Caribbean, triggered dynamic discussions around how...Read more