Policy for the consolidation of the National System of Protected Areas – SINAP

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This policy develops principles focused on achieving greater co-responsibility of the productive sectors to contribute to the conservation of protected areas and to reward vulnerable populations that support their care. Principles associated with good governance of protected areas and the System are incorporated. Special emphasis is placed on the need to increase management effectiveness, and the importance of protecting natural spaces with associated cultural elements and meanings is positioned.

Additionally, this policy is articulated with the 30x30 initiative aimed at protecting at least 30% of the oceans and 30% of the terrestrial areas and continental waters of the world by the year 2030, with at least 10% subject to strict protection, being discussed in the new Global Framework for Biodiversity post 2020. This Framework will establish new objectives and goals to be implemented by the member countries of the Convention on Biological Diversity.

The construction of this CONPES document began in 2019, with the support the Technical Secretariat of the National Planning Department and work from the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, as well as the National Natural Parks of Colombia. The Worldwide Fund for Nature contributed in this process as the implementer of the GEF SINAP project supported by the IDB and the United Nations Development Program UNDP.

Knowledge Product