BIOFIN Webinar: Financial Needs Assessment


BIOFIN will organize a webinar on Financial Needs Assessment 17th of May 2017 at 9:00am New York time (3:00pm Paris time, 8:00pm Bangkok time) you will find more information and the register link in the text below.

The Financial Needs Assessment (FNA) is the third step of the BIOFIN process. The FNA aims to make a comprehensive estimate of the financial resources needed to achieve national and sub-national biodiversity targets. The national biodiversity targets are typically articulated in NBSAPs and other key national strategies such as national development plans, sectoral development plans and climate change plans. The BIOFIN detailed FNA methodology encourages improved performance through more effective budgeting and fiscal management.

The webinar will comprise three different parts:

  1. Introduction to the CBD-BIOFIN Regional Nodes where the CBD Secretariat will explain the links between FNA and the financial reporting framework (10min).
  2. Presentation on the BIOFIN FNA methodology (40 min) 
  3. Q&A and discussion session (30 min).


This webinar is an excellent chance to understand all aspects of the BIOFIN FNA. The presentation will cover the different steps of the Financial Needs Assessment described in the 2016 BIOFIN Workbook:

  • Preparations
  • Scoping and Clarifying the NBSAP Actions
  • Desktop study and initial costing tables
  • Refining cost models with expert input
  • Analyse Costing Results
  • Estimate Finance Needs

To optimize your benefit from the webinar we suggest to read the Chapter 6 - Financial Needs Assessment of the 2016 BIOFIN Workbook.

Facilitator:   Onno van den Heuvel (BIOFIN)
Speakers: - Herve Barois (BIOFIN)
                  - Markus Lehmann (CBD)
                  - David Meyers (BIOFIN)

You can find previous BIOFIN webinars recordings on our Youtube Channel.