Moving the needle in Latin America
Moving the needle in Latin America
Last September, a significant event unfolded in Panama, where representatives from 10 countries convened for the 9th Latin American and Caribbean Regional Dialogue on Biodiversity Finance, organized by the UNDP's Biodiversity Finance Initiative (BIOFIN). This dialogue brought together representatati...Read more
‘Biodiversity Finance Solutions Exhibition - 5th BIOFIN Global Conference’ This poster is part of an series of all BIOFIN countries and showcases the innovative (existing or potential) finance solutions and work of the countries and partners. As part of the 5th Global Conference on Biodiversity Fina...Read more
By Midori Paxton, Head, Ecosystems and Biodiversity, UNDP Let us step back in time to more than 2000 years ago, when Chinese philosophical and historical texts contained sophisticated conceptions of nature and our place within it. Daoism, a school of philosophical thought popular to this day, focuse...Read more
With Marvin Zamora, community leader, and Omar Peralta, Municipal Environmental Management Unit of the Municipality of Taxisco, Guatemala ''I was born a fisherman. Our village culture is fishing. But we have seen a decline in fish population due to pollution and climate change.'' - Marvin Zamora Mar...Read more
Today is world wetlands day. Wetlands ecosystem services are worth US$47 trillion annually, supporting the livelihoods of one billion people and supporting life on this earth. Yet the story of our wetlands is a story of disappearance and a story of an urgent need for financing these important source...Read more